The Bible is a mini library (Biblia) of 66 books, written in three different languages (mainly Greek and Hebrew, with a little Aramaic) and includes different types of literature. Written by 40 different authors over 1,400 years, it demonstrates remarkable unity and divine authorship. From Genesis to Revelation, there is one overall theme – the drama of redemption.

The first step is finding a Bible Reading Plan that works for you. There is a huge variety from which to choose. You can go online, browse, and then download one (most are for free), or you can purchase a One Year Bible at your local bookstore. The latter is already arranged into 365 daily readings and include an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, and a Psalm or Proverb for each day. I recently found a beautiful one for my 18-year old, in which she can also color and draw. 

The online options are vast, and it took me some time to decide which one I was going to attempt this year. Here are a few that interested me:  

o    The 5-day Bible Reading Plan

o    The 52-week Bible Reading Plan

o    The Bible in 90 days

o    The Chronological Bible Reading Plan

o    Straight through the Bible Reading Plan

o    The Daily Audio Bible

o    The New Testament in 24 weeks

o    The Gospels in 40 days

o    The 2-year Bible Reading Plan 

Take your time, investigate, pray-think, choose a plan, and then find an accountability partner, which can be this platform. It will be an honor to hear about your highlights and challenges as you journey systematically and consistently through what is truly the greatest “book” ever compiled. My prayer here at the starting line for all of us: that we will find the rhythm of ‘Read, Study and Apply’ such a rich and rewarding experience, that it will become an annual habit. 

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