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Welcome to a Vivid Life! It is my dream that this will become a platform where women can inspire women to authentic living and where grace will be extravagant. A place where we can encourage one another to run the race with joy and abandon, our eyes fixed upon Jesus – the author and finisher of our faith!

Married, a Mother and a Missionary, often Martha and occasionally Mary, I am afresh struck by SONDER – the realization that everyone is living their own vivid life. Therefore, I believe sharing our stories, and linking our journeys will strengthen us to be and do more. For we all know what it feels like to:

  • Drive around in circles – unable to make decisions,
  • Get stuck in peak traffic – being pulled in opposite directions by home and work,
  • Break down next to a highway – from burnout and exhaustion or
  • Find ourselves traveling alone through a life storm – abandoned by colleagues, family, or friends.

Fellow pilgrim, join me in the Land of Hope, where I have already pitched my tent! En route, we can inspire others to wholehearted living, single-minded devotion, and unceasing prayer. Planted not packaged, our Farmer-Father promises us wholeness, purpose and abundance; freedom, fun, and fruitfulness! Thus, let us remain in the Vine – a planting of the Lord – that He may be glorified!

Growing and strengthening my family, I believe, lies at the heart of true womanhood. Married and a mother, I love my home best when it is brimming with children and grandchildren. Yet, from January 2020 my husband and I are officially empty nesters! Over the years, we have raised eleven children and fostered five more. The youngest has just flown out of the nest. With married kids and students spread out across two countries and two continents, the past couple of years have not been plain sailing. Quality time has always been my favorite love language, and even though I prefer sitting down with my kids and connecting with them at home, and in person, I had no option but to make the most of what technology has to offer. Above all, I thank the Lord for the concept of earthly families, designed to help us understand what it means to be part of His heavenly family. What a privilege to belong to both!

God is Father, Saviour, and Helper – my Strength and my Song, my Secret Place, and my Joy. My first Love, my Hope, my Heart. He is my life, and time spend in His word feeds my soul in ways that are hard to explain. He is my delight, and His presence, my peace. Whether my daily conversations with the Creator of the universe are faithfully scribbled down or wordlessly breathed, whether they are bold declarations or desperate pleas – they are the real chronicles of my life!

Gathering in all people from every nation, tribe, and tongue has been a huge part of my life the past twenty-five years. First, I helped my husband establish a Discipleship and Missionary Training school, and then we pioneered a Teachers Training College – both in Zambia. Now, as Ethnos Movement International, a new mission initiative, we are actively involved in establishing a Christian presence in various countries. We reach out to women working on the streets, we mobilize students to the unreached, do ministry in Europe and run discipleship schools in remote African villages. After all these years, it remains my fervent prayer – that I will fulfill the purposes of God in my generation, making known His glory amongst all people. Visit for more information.

Giving handmade gifts is both a hobby and a love language. Whether I try my hand at pottery or attend a glass fusion class, whether making simple bookmarks or trying to embroider an English garden with ribbons – I seldom hold on to my final product. Sharing the experience of creating with other crafters and then spreading the joy is all wrapped up as one gift. It is my way to relax and sometimes escape from the daily drudgeries that any mother, in any season, inevitably faces now and then. The creative process combines pure spontaneity with a disciplined technique. While it anchors me to a logical process, it also gives me wings to fly away and find freedom in fun.