God has a divine design for womanhood, and His plan is spectacular. We aspire to see each woman within the W@W family believe that she is God’s masterpiece and His greatest gift to those around her. Regardless of our vocation, our culture, our denomination, our nation, or our age – we are all called to reflect God’s beauty and to glorify His name.

Let’s be determined to live lives that tell a story of significance. A story in which intentional God-first, Christ-led, Holy Spirit-inspired living is not an option, but a way of life. Let’s work together, for the One who gave His life for us. We are Women@Work for God. Doing life together to glorify our Father God and advance His kingdom!


Our ministry is experiencing more opportunities for kingdom impact than ever before. Now is the time to be a part of it by becoming a Revive Our Hearts Monthly Partner.

Your partnership makes possible:

  • Daily Scripture-based teaching through podcasts, radio, and online ministry
  • National and international conferences in South Africa, Mexico, and North America
  • Books, Bible studies, blogs, and other resources designed to help women discover and embrace His calling in their lives
  • Training, equipping, and encouragement for women’s ministry leaders
  • Outreaches and programming in other languages, including Spanish, Farsi, French, Portuguese, German, and more.

A deepened prayer life is the cry of far too many Christians. Not knowing where to start or how to be intentional about it, this beautiful full-colour booklet will change all that. It is filled with 366 prayer prompts – practical and purposeful – to help you pray wider, deeper and bolder than ever before. From A – Z, it includes a wide range of prayers, covering praise and worship, intercession and thanksgiving, breakthrough and blessing. Designed to ensure victory over prayerlessness, this invaluable tool will not only help you be intentional about prayer, but breathe new life into your relationship and conversation with God.

‘n Dieper gebedslewe is die uitroep van talle Christene, maar waar begin mens en hoe hou jy dit vol? Hierdie versameling van 365 gebede is geskryf met die uitsluitlike doel om wyer, dieper en kragtiger te bid. Verdeel in 12 maande, is hierdie teksverse en gebede ontwerp om ons te help om verder as ons eie gesin, gemeenskap stad en land te bid. Selfs verder as ons eie pyn, mislukkings en skynbaar onbeantwoorde gebede. Moenie hierdie kosbare gebedsboek in vol kleur misloop nie.

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Pray Freedom

Ken God & Leef Sy Geregtigheid

For Freedom Challenged To Climb

Knowing God & Doing Justice

I would encourage you to visit the Freedom Challenge website and find out more about this amazing initiative. See if the Lord might not nudge you to get involved in the battle to free women and children who are living as modern-day slaves to poverty, war, and the scourge of human trafficking.

eshop@ombooks.co.za and the telephone number is: 087 980 0609