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A Devotional Basket January 2021

I remember the first time I came across the phrase describing man as ‘a bundle of habits,’ for I was homeschooling my youngest two and that in a very busy house.  With two flats and a large area office on the premises, I also pioneered a new ministry.  Overworked and stressed, I despaired of my own poor routines.  How was I ever going to model healthy disciplines to the next generation, I wondered.

During this and various other seasons of overload, it has been my time spend with the Lord in Bible reading and prayer, that sustained me.  I may have ignored a bunch of other truths, but quality time with my heavenly Father, was not one of them. Here, in His Word – studying, meditating, praying and worshipping, I found myself anchored and well-watered, able to keep my eyes on Christ.  

It is Eugene Peterson that taught me that it is far healthier to embrace the seasons and rhythms of life, than trying to strive for balance or manage my time with a schedule only. Thus, I have seen the value of a devotional basket, one that can travel with me – whether that is to the back porch to see the sun rise, or to my favourite armchair in the kitchen area where I brew my coffee.  I try to stay away from my desk – for the pull to check emails or glance at my diary, is real! 

Let’s get practical!

What to put in a devotional basket, you may wonder.  Here are a few suggestions for this week.  Next week we will add a few more items. 

Worship:  A silk banner & worship music

During lockdown the past year, when gatherings were restricted to no more than 50 people, I really missed Sunday morning worship.  Tone deaf and with zero musical talent, I craved to raise my hands in adoration and sing my praises to the living God. During this time, a lady in my cell group started to daily send us worship songs. With the music loud and my bedroom doors closed, I would worship and dance before the Lord in great joy and thanksgiving for His grace in the midst of an impossibly difficult time.  It made me realize afresh that the divine priority is worship first.

Bible Reading: Your Bible

God has spoken to man and His words can be found in the Bible.  Created for His pleasure, we are called to know Him, not just about Him. Time spend in study and meditation, will enable us to hear God’s voice and obey His commands. As we internalize and personalize the scriptures, we will experience change, find our purpose, bear fruit and show great boldness for God. 

  • Choose a Bible Reading Plan for this year.
  • Make use of various translations simultaneously, even reading passages in different languages if you are bilingual or trilingual.

A Coffee mug/ tea cup:  A steaming hot cup of liquid joy – for He Brews!

That first cup of coffee or tea is a wonderful part of my early morning routine.  Oh, I can still do my quiet time with God and without something to drink, but it is wonderful to realize that He knows us, loves us and cares about the things that we love and enjoy. While the ritual is not more important than the Person, the Person doesn’t mind the ritual. How blessed to have a Father in heaven, who knows his children and remembers that we are dust and our days few and brief.  Thus, enjoy every sip of your liquid wisdom! 

Until next week – may you flourish in Him!!




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