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A Heritage Basket March 2021

Can you still remember your BC years?  No, not Before Christ, or Before Corona, but Before Children!  A blessing from the Lord, a blessing to a marriage, these angels certainly change your life – profoundly and forever!  The very reason why some couples have a pre-kid bucket list. 

In the beginning you deal mostly with interrupted schedules and little sleep as you dash around between dishes and diapers and deadlines – as one mum puts it.[1]  Then comes potty training, play dates and the first day of school.  After driving your kids to their 500th piano lesson or soccer practice, you suddenly realize that your Tween is no longer a child.  Then, before you know it, they borrow your car and go off to College. 

In the process we are changed, our marriages are changed and our outlook on life is changed. And while kids certainly add stress and responsibility, they also add a whole new dimension to joy, fun and adventure. 

Let’s get practical!

What a privilege to bless the next generation with gifts of life and love this month!  Whether you fill a basket for a godchild, a friend’s child, your sister’s children, grandkids, or your own children, I trust you will have lots of fun. 

Worship:  The Chief among ten thousand, the altogether lovely!

Christian resources abound. Choosing from a variety of beautifully illustrated Kids Bibles, worship CD’s, colouring books and Bibles for all ages, interactive Christian apps, living books filled with fun activities and art projects, cool devotionals for Tweens and Teens, online resources from a variety of Christian websites and Mommy bloggers, can be an expensive and overwhelming experience.  It is therefore important to prayerfully consider the ONE gift that will be most impactful and bear lasting fruit. 

Time:  Children spell love T.I.M.E.

Whether you build sandcastles on the beach with a toddler or take a Tween/Teen to see a  stage production, is mostly irrelevant.  Whether you do Macdonald take-aways or teach them how to make baked Alaska, it will only be half the memory.  You taking time and initiative to be with them, will not only make you a friend, but soon, a confidante. 

The privilege to have the ear of the next generation is both a serious responsibility and a wonderful opportunity – as you know.  Please make the most of it. Therefore, adding an invitation to ‘a special event’ or regular date, will certainly elevate this basket.  And if that has to be an online one for now, don’t fret – this too shall pass! 



[1] The Mommy Manual by Barbara Curtis

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